1: Compare Galaxy S7, iPhone 7, and Google Pixel for performance and features.

2: Galaxy S7 boasts a stunning display, iPhone 7 excels in camera quality, Pixel offers pure Android experience.

3: Galaxy S7 waterproof design, iPhone 7 improved water resistance, Pixel lacks water protection.

4: Galaxy S7 expandable storage, iPhone 7 larger storage options, Pixel limited internal storage.

5: Galaxy S7 sleek design, iPhone 7 iconic look, Pixel unique glass panel.

6: Galaxy S7 AMOLED screen, iPhone 7 Retina display, Pixel AMOLED technology.

7: Galaxy S7 fast charging, iPhone 7 wireless charging, Pixel lacks quick charging feature.

8: Galaxy S7 customizable UI, iPhone 7 user-friendly iOS, Pixel stock Android experience.

9: Conclusion: Galaxy S7 offers best display and design, iPhone 7 excels in camera and performance, Pixel delivers pure Android experience.