1: Transform an old rake into a unique bird feeder to attract beautiful orioles to your backyard!

2: DIY bird feeder idea: upcycle an old rake by adding bird feed to the tines for a creative touch.

3: Hang your newly repurposed rake bird feeder in a tree or on a hook for easy access for orioles.

4: Orioles love fruit, so consider adding orange slices or grape jelly to attract these vibrant birds.

5: Watch as orioles visit your backyard to enjoy the seeds and fruit in the rake bird feeder.

6: Create a welcoming environment for orioles by providing fresh water and a safe place to feed.

7: Encourage more orioles to flock to your yard by planting native flowers and plants they love.

8: Enjoy the sight and sound of orioles in your backyard thanks to your repurposed rake bird feeder.

9: Turn a simple garden tool into a bird-friendly masterpiece and bring the beauty of orioles to you.