1: Discover the perfect nail shape for your zodiac sign! Let the stars guide you to the most flattering style for your astrological personality.

2: Aries: Bold and adventurous Aries, rock a pointed nail shape to match your fiery spirit and fierce energy. Embrace your fearless nature!

3: Taurus: Practical yet luxurious Taurus, opt for a classic square nail shape that reflects your grounded and reliable nature. Stay true to your earthy vibe!

4: Gemini: Versatile and curious Gemini, try an oval nail shape that complements your adaptable and expressive personality. Embrace your dual nature!

5: Cancer: Sensitive and nurturing Cancer, go for a round nail shape that embodies your caring and protective instincts. Reflect your emotional depth!

6: Leo: Regal and confident Leo, choose a stiletto nail shape to showcase your bold and flamboyant style. Let your fierce personality shine!

7: Virgo: Practical and detail-oriented Virgo, opt for a squoval nail shape that reflects your perfectionist tendencies and meticulous nature. Stay polished and precise!

8: Libra: Charming and harmonious Libra, go for a soft almond nail shape that complements your graceful and elegant personality. Embrace your love for beauty!

9: Scorpio: Intense and mysterious Scorpio, rock a coffin nail shape to match your passionate and enigmatic nature. Embrace your powerful presence!