1: "Red Flags of Secret Animosity: subtle put-downs, backhanded compliments, dismissive body language"

2: "Signals of Resentment: negativity towards your successes, gossiping behind your back, lack of support"

3: "Nonverbal Clues: eye-rolling, crossed arms, avoiding eye contact, tense body language"

4: "Passive-Aggressive Behavior: sabotaging your efforts, making excuses, giving backhanded apologies"

5: "Unexplained Tension: feeling uncomfortable around them, sensing hostility in conversations"

6: "Inconsistency: being nice to your face but negative behind your back, shifting moods"

7: "Lack of Communication: avoiding conversations, giving short or cold responses"

8: "Issues with Boundaries: disrespecting your personal space, invading privacy, overstepping professional boundaries"

9: "Trust Your Intuition: pay attention to your gut feelings, address the issue directly, seek support if needed"