1: "Companion planting is key for cucumbers. Pair them with basil for pest protection."

2: "Boost cucumber growth with marigolds. Their scent deters harmful insects naturally."

3: "Try planting radishes near cucumbers. Radishes help repel cucumber beetles."

4: "Sunflowers make great neighbors for cucumbers. They attract pollinators for better fruit set."

5: "Nasturtiums not only add color but also repel pests like aphids from cucumbers."

6: "Consider planting dill near cucumbers. It attracts beneficial insects that prey on pests."

7: "Mint can be a great companion to cucumbers. It repels pests while adding a refreshing aroma."

8: "Don't forget to include borage near cucumbers. It improves overall plant health and flavor."

9: "With these plant companions, your cucumbers will thrive and produce a bountiful harvest. Happy gardening!"